Summertime Recipe! A Trout Foil Wrap

Nothing shouts summertime better than trout cooked over an open flame!

This easy recipe is perfect over an open fire or on a backyard barbeque grill.

Place gutted/beheaded fish on aluminum foil (unscaled)

Place 2-3 squares of butter atop the fish

Add 2-3 slices of lemon on top of the butter

Add seasoning to taste -inside & out!   Don’t forget to fill the cavity with seasoning as well. Ideas include chives, Italian seasoning, garlic powder along with salt, pepper & lemon. Salad dressings also add a delicious twist.

First, fold foil to the center, add a crease then roll down to the side of the fish. Next, roll the sides.

Turn packet over and roll into a second piece of foil using the same method above.

After several minutes, move the packet around. Turn after 6-8 minutes. Steam will be coming out of the packet and the aluminum foil may be brown. Total cook time should be approximately 15 minutes. Let stand several minutes.

Open carefully, as the steam may cause burns. The fish should flake easily and will be very moist due to the butter and lemon.

We also like this recipe from as submitted by Kyle Swallow.

Cedar Planked Rainbow Trout

  • whole rainbow trout, head removed
  • 1/2″ cedar plank
  • olive oil
  • Greek or Mediterranean seasoning

Soak cedar planks in water for at least 1/2 hour prior to grilling. Rub trout with olive oil and add seasoning, to taste, and set aside. Make sure to season inside of cavity as well.

Put plank on grill over high heat until it just begins to smoke. Place trout on plank belly down (use belly flaps to hold trout upright).

Reduce to medium/medium high heat depending on grill and cook for approximately 20 minutes.

When dorsal fin pulls out easily, fish is done.


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