Weird Facts about your Pet

Did you know…

Woof, woof…… your puppy pants because that is his only way to let off heat? And he sweats from the bottom of his feet. Your pup doesn’t have an appendix so there will be no emergency appendectomies for Fido. The majority of her over one hundred facial expressions are made with her ears and she uses them as a kind of radar to locate the origin of a sound. It only takes her  about 6/100ths of a second!

Here kitty, kitty… your cat can jump up to seven times her height. Maybe it’s because they have even more bones than us humans, and since some are only loosely attached, watch her limbs as she contorts her body as she climbs. Your feline friend purr is different throughout the day, as she uses her over one hundred different vocal sounds to communicate with you. And don’t you love that feeling of sandpaper running over you when your cat licks your hand? That is because of the hook like papillae in his tongue, designed originally to hold onto prey.

Tweet tweet….. Tweety needs to eat half her body weight every day! And if you are considering bringing a bird home, take note; many bird species have very long lifespans. Some even live to nearly 100 years! A bird with a shorter life span is the chicken, the most common bird on the planet. There are over one billion birds on earth!

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