What kind of Organic Shopper are you?

People have various reasons for buying 100% Organic. Read below to find out what makes you to buy organic. The reasons will help you learn what drives you as a shopper so you can target your future purchases!

Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade

People who buy eco-friendly want to make purchases that do not harm the environment. That means choosing grass-fed beef, fair-trade coffee, and purchasing from local farmers markets. You will seek products that are Fair Trade, meaning that a fair portion of the proceeds of your purchase go directly to the farmer.


If you’re all about the humane treatment of animals, you will look for certified humane products, such as eggs, dairy products, and meat. You will also buy local and get to know the farmers that grow your food to avoid purchasing from farms that use cruel treatment in raising and processing foods.


If you are concerned about health, you will look for foods grown and processed without chemicals, pesticides, or additives. You’ll choose to purchase 100% organic fruits, such as apples, peaches, and strawberries, and 100% organic veggies, such as spinach, bell peppers, and cucumbers.


Consumer Reports advises that the cheapest foods to buy 100% organic are olive oil, carrots, and cream cheese. If you are looking for bargains, check with your local farmers market for less than perfect vegetables and fruits that may sell at lower than average prices.

You may use a few, or all of the above factors when purchasing your food. The organic market is growing and competition is strong. Check the Organic sections of each store or market near you and buy foods that are in season.

Don’t be afraid to check out local co-ops to find out more about the best ways to eat organically on a budget!

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