What to do when the fish won’t bite!

Despite your best laid plans and intentions, sometimes the unthinkable happens; the fish just don’t seem to want to bite. To avoid adding even more stress and disappointment, follow these steps to ensure a good day, no matter what!

  1. Remain focused. Running to and fro, or motoring haphazardly across the lake and back is not the way to catch fish. Instead, remain focused and make precise casts.
  2. Look for log jams or areas where the fish may be hiding.
  3. Allow the bait to soak in the water a little longer and make the most of each cast.
  4. Try a smaller size lure. If your ½ oz. jig is not enticing the bass, try a ¼ ox instead. You might also add a trailer to make them go the extra mile to bite.
  5. Adjust your retrieval speed. Try slowing down for a while, then speeding up if you have no luck.
  6. If the above changes don’t help, you may need to change locations.

Remember that the fish move to deeper waters when the sun gets hotter. If you are confined to the bank of the river, look for cover, such as lily pads. The heat of the day also make fish less likely to chase after bait, and the strike zone gets smaller.

However, if the fish still refuse to bite, take a little time to relax and enjoy the day. Take some photos, or clean and organize your tackle box to feel like you have accomplished something.

As the old adage goes, a slow day on the water is better than a fast day at work.

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